Home Remedies for Breast Enlargement

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Most women want to have large, round and firm breasts because they believe this is what will boost their femininity. At times, it is possible for women to feel intimidated by the small size of their breasts and they look for the possible ways to enlarge them.

The size of the breast can be enlarged naturally; however, there are cases where enlargement might be impossible especially due to genetic factors. It is good to understand that nutrition and genetic factors play a significant role when it comes to the size of the women’s breasts. The following are the best ways you can increase the size of your breasts.


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Exercises are the most effective method a woman can use to enlarge her breasts. Physical activities such as push ups, chest presses, and the bench presses have an impact on the tissues around the breasts of the women; they can help in breast enlargement.

When you are doing the physical activities, ensure they involve the movement of the shoulders and the arms, which will increase the tone of the skin and tissues around the breasts. Exercises can be tedious, and women should be patient because breast enlargement cannot be done overnight. Regular activities will make the breasts firm and larger.


Massage is an excellent natural method of increasing the size of the breasts. Researchers have shown that massage regularly can effectively lead to breast enlargement. When you massage or rub gently around the breasts, the blood circulation will increase, and the tissues of the breast will become bigger and larger. Massaging involves the use of natural oils such as olive oil and almond oil.

When you choose this method, ensure the right procedure is maintained. The olive or almond oil is rubbed around the breasts for at least three minutes. The breasts should be rubbed inwards and continuing round motion to increase blood circulation. You can do the massage every morning or twice a day.

Adopt a Healthy Meal

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Taking the right diet has numerous benefits to your body including the breast enlargement. The meals you take daily will have a direct impact on the growth of the tissues in the breasts. A woman should eat foods rich in vitamin A, C, and D, which are good for breast enlargement.

You also need to cut out some foods such as fried and processed meals to facilitate the growth of your breasts. When you rigorously follow the right diet, you will expect better results sooner.

The Fenugreek Seeds

The fenugreek seeds are the phytoestrogen herbs believed to be the best remedy for increasing the size of the breasts and make them firm. These fenugreek seeds will stimulate the breast-enlarging hormones such as the progesterone and estrogen to promote faster growth of the breast tissues.

The fennel seeds are mixed with the liver oil and the mixture used for massaging the breasts gently for at least ten minutes. Women can also choose to drink the fennel tea every morning to increase the rate of breast enlargement.

How to Keep Diseases at Bay at Home

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Diseases are the leading causes of death in about 3 out of 10 households. Today, many doctors report approximately 60% fresh cases of infectious diseases each day and this figure is bound to increase if appropriate measures are not taken. Although the growing number is alarming, hope is not lost.

There are so many ways in which diseases can be controlled and banished from all homes. With these simple techniques, you can help keep your home disease-free.

Clean Your Home Regularly

home cleaning 90% of all cases of diseases from home come from dirt, dust and all round uncleanliness. Even dirty laundry can make your home susceptible to infections. From the kitchen, all the way to the bedrooms, your house must be spotless. When we talk about cleaning, doing it thoroughly is what we are talking about.

In fact, when it comes to keeping diseases at bay, cleaning is your only option. You have to make sure your house is spotless allowing no room for diseases. Clean and disinfect your home by using detergents and bleaching agents that are recommended to kill germs in the toilets, bathrooms and the kitchen. Regular cleaning of your house is the first step to keeping your home free and safe from disease-causing germs.

Keep Your Compound Tidy

Long grass, unkempt fences, dirty pools and smelly ponds around the home, provide a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and other harmful bacteria. Always make sure that your backyard and front yard grass is regularly cut.

Keep your fence neat and lastly do away with any stagnant water. These three are environmental hazards that every homeowner should take into account. All insects, pests and other germs hide in these areas, and once any of your family members play in these places, they might become sick.

Keep Your Pets Clean

pet cleaningWhen it comes to keeping homes disease-free, many people forget that their beloved pets could be culprits in allowing diseases in the home. Pets move from one place to another. Even a friendly walk to your neighbor can become risky if you do not clean your pets after interaction with other pets.

All pets are excellent carriers of germs from one place to another a reason why a thorough cleaning is always recommended after a day out. This is not only good for the pet, but it is also a smart way of keeping your home free from diseases and other allergens that can affect your family.


Keeping your home disease free is an obligation every homeowner should take into account. It doesn’t matter whether you stay at home 24/7 or work until late, keeping your home safe from germs and diseases should be your priority. If cleaning is not your thing, hire people to help you around. It doesn’t hurt to get help in keeping your compound and home disease-free. Remember, everything is for your own good and the best of those who look up to you.