The History of Root Beer

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Root beer is said to be one of the healthiest soda out there in the market. If you are interested in the origins of root beer, you are in the right place. Read on to learn more about the history of root beer.

The Past

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If you want to go way back to the beginning of times when root beer was created, the origin of this fizzy drink goes all the way back the olden days of Medieval Europe. During these days it was very unsafe to drink water because of the nonexistence of sanitation. Therefore, so that people won’t be getting any fatal diseases caused by drinking pesky water, they will satisfy their thirst by drinking small beer, which is a beer that contains very little alcohol.

And the story continues when colonists started settling in newly-founded America. Let’s now move along the historical time frame to the age of the discovery of the new world. Here, crops and plants were different to the ones in Europe to make small beer. So, these colonists discovered local plants to brew them. This was when the invention of root beer started.

Why is Root Beer Called Root Beer?

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With many crops found, they also included various kinds of roots that can help in the creation of a bitter tasting drink to taste like beer. This is where the “root” part of the name root beer was established. However, this drink was not yet given the “beer” part in the name at this point.

Moving on to the nineteenth century, many pharmacists tried selling root-based drinks as medicine to cure a wide array of different ailments. There was one pharmacist who was famous for marketing these root drinks commercially. When he first developed his packaged mix of herbs, he wanted to name it root tea. However, after several considerations, he decided to call it as root beer thinking it will be more successful with coal miners who were beer lovers.

The Present

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Root beer today is a lot different to what they used to be a long time ago. Root beer has evolved so much. What used to be a bitter drink brewed from roots that taste like medicine has now evolved into one of the most popular sweet carbonated beverages.

The ingredients of root beer have certainly changed. With the main ingredient banned back in the sixties, producers came up with a wide array of different flavorings to make it taste the way it does today.

When compared to other sodas, root beer can be considered the healthiest since some of them contain sarsaparilla, which is a tropical plant with health benefits including treating psoriasis, arthritis, syphilis, and others. On the other hand, you can also enjoy this sweet drink as a thirst quencher. You can even see the rest of the article to find out about how to make a delicious root beer float with bourbon.