The History of Root Beer

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Root beer is said to be one of the healthiest soda out there in the market. If you are interested in the origins of root beer, you are in the right place. Read on to learn more about the history of root beer.

The Past

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If you want to go way back to the beginning of times when root beer was created, the origin of this fizzy drink goes all the way back the olden days of Medieval Europe. During these days it was very unsafe to drink water because of the nonexistence of sanitation. Therefore, so that people won’t be getting any fatal diseases caused by drinking pesky water, they will satisfy their thirst by drinking small beer, which is a beer that contains very little alcohol.

And the story continues when colonists started settling in newly-founded America. Let’s now move along the historical time frame to the age of the discovery of the new world. Here, crops and plants were different to the ones in Europe to make small beer. So, these colonists discovered local plants to brew them. This was when the invention of root beer started.

Why is Root Beer Called Root Beer?

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With many crops found, they also included various kinds of roots that can help in the creation of a bitter tasting drink to taste like beer. This is where the “root” part of the name root beer was established. However, this drink was not yet given the “beer” part in the name at this point.

Moving on to the nineteenth century, many pharmacists tried selling root-based drinks as medicine to cure a wide array of different ailments. There was one pharmacist who was famous for marketing these root drinks commercially. When he first developed his packaged mix of herbs, he wanted to name it root tea. However, after several considerations, he decided to call it as root beer thinking it will be more successful with coal miners who were beer lovers.

The Present

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Root beer today is a lot different to what they used to be a long time ago. Root beer has evolved so much. What used to be a bitter drink brewed from roots that taste like medicine has now evolved into one of the most popular sweet carbonated beverages.

The ingredients of root beer have certainly changed. With the main ingredient banned back in the sixties, producers came up with a wide array of different flavorings to make it taste the way it does today.

When compared to other sodas, root beer can be considered the healthiest since some of them contain sarsaparilla, which is a tropical plant with health benefits including treating psoriasis, arthritis, syphilis, and others. On the other hand, you can also enjoy this sweet drink as a thirst quencher. You can even see the rest of the article to find out about how to make a delicious root beer float with bourbon.

Home Remedies for Breast Enlargement

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Most women want to have large, round and firm breasts because they believe this is what will boost their femininity. At times, it is possible for women to feel intimidated by the small size of their breasts and they look for the possible ways to enlarge them.

The size of the breast can be enlarged naturally; however, there are cases where enlargement might be impossible especially due to genetic factors. It is good to understand that nutrition and genetic factors play a significant role when it comes to the size of the women’s breasts. The following are the best ways you can increase the size of your breasts.


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Exercises are the most effective method a woman can use to enlarge her breasts. Physical activities such as push ups, chest presses, and the bench presses have an impact on the tissues around the breasts of the women; they can help in breast enlargement.

When you are doing the physical activities, ensure they involve the movement of the shoulders and the arms, which will increase the tone of the skin and tissues around the breasts. Exercises can be tedious, and women should be patient because breast enlargement cannot be done overnight. Regular activities will make the breasts firm and larger.


Massage is an excellent natural method of increasing the size of the breasts. Researchers have shown that massage regularly can effectively lead to breast enlargement. When you massage or rub gently around the breasts, the blood circulation will increase, and the tissues of the breast will become bigger and larger. Massaging involves the use of natural oils such as olive oil and almond oil.

When you choose this method, ensure the right procedure is maintained. The olive or almond oil is rubbed around the breasts for at least three minutes. The breasts should be rubbed inwards and continuing round motion to increase blood circulation. You can do the massage every morning or twice a day.

Adopt a Healthy Meal

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Taking the right diet has numerous benefits to your body including the breast enlargement. The meals you take daily will have a direct impact on the growth of the tissues in the breasts. A woman should eat foods rich in vitamin A, C, and D, which are good for breast enlargement.

You also need to cut out some foods such as fried and processed meals to facilitate the growth of your breasts. When you rigorously follow the right diet, you will expect better results sooner.

The Fenugreek Seeds

The fenugreek seeds are the phytoestrogen herbs believed to be the best remedy for increasing the size of the breasts and make them firm. These fenugreek seeds will stimulate the breast-enlarging hormones such as the progesterone and estrogen to promote faster growth of the breast tissues.

The fennel seeds are mixed with the liver oil and the mixture used for massaging the breasts gently for at least ten minutes. Women can also choose to drink the fennel tea every morning to increase the rate of breast enlargement.

How to Keep Diseases at Bay at Home

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Diseases are the leading causes of death in about 3 out of 10 households. Today, many doctors report approximately 60% fresh cases of infectious diseases each day and this figure is bound to increase if appropriate measures are not taken. Although the growing number is alarming, hope is not lost.

There are so many ways in which diseases can be controlled and banished from all homes. With these simple techniques, you can help keep your home disease-free.

Clean Your Home Regularly

home cleaning 90% of all cases of diseases from home come from dirt, dust and all round uncleanliness. Even dirty laundry can make your home susceptible to infections. From the kitchen, all the way to the bedrooms, your house must be spotless. When we talk about cleaning, doing it thoroughly is what we are talking about.

In fact, when it comes to keeping diseases at bay, cleaning is your only option. You have to make sure your house is spotless allowing no room for diseases. Clean and disinfect your home by using detergents and bleaching agents that are recommended to kill germs in the toilets, bathrooms and the kitchen. Regular cleaning of your house is the first step to keeping your home free and safe from disease-causing germs.

Keep Your Compound Tidy

Long grass, unkempt fences, dirty pools and smelly ponds around the home, provide a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and other harmful bacteria. Always make sure that your backyard and front yard grass is regularly cut.

Keep your fence neat and lastly do away with any stagnant water. These three are environmental hazards that every homeowner should take into account. All insects, pests and other germs hide in these areas, and once any of your family members play in these places, they might become sick.

Keep Your Pets Clean

pet cleaningWhen it comes to keeping homes disease-free, many people forget that their beloved pets could be culprits in allowing diseases in the home. Pets move from one place to another. Even a friendly walk to your neighbor can become risky if you do not clean your pets after interaction with other pets.

All pets are excellent carriers of germs from one place to another a reason why a thorough cleaning is always recommended after a day out. This is not only good for the pet, but it is also a smart way of keeping your home free from diseases and other allergens that can affect your family.


Keeping your home disease free is an obligation every homeowner should take into account. It doesn’t matter whether you stay at home 24/7 or work until late, keeping your home safe from germs and diseases should be your priority. If cleaning is not your thing, hire people to help you around. It doesn’t hurt to get help in keeping your compound and home disease-free. Remember, everything is for your own good and the best of those who look up to you.

Understanding the different forms of alternative medicine


Western form of medicine now accepts alternative medicine. Don’t be surprised when your doctor recommends that you try alternative medicine. Alternative medicine is usually used to treat cases where the conventional medicine doesn’t seem to offer alternatives. If you opt to go for alternative medicine, you need to remember that the process might be slow, but it will work in the long run. Here are some forms of alternative medicine that have been accepted by western medicine. It is a sure sign that they are effective in treating various diseases and ailments.

Forms of alternative medicine

Acupuncture and acupressure

Many people tend to confuse acupuncture and acupressure because they are similar and also different in many ways. Acupuncture involves the use of needles while acupressure mainly uses hands in the treatment process. Pressure is applied in various parts of the body using hands or needles, and this creates a form of balance in the body. It is believed that the lack of balance in the body is what creates various illness and by creating balance it is possible to treat different conditions.


Aromatherapy comes from the word aroma, and this means the use of smells and scents for therapy. Smells and scents have healing benefits and using aroma can be therapeutic in managing pain and also stress management. The aroma and scents are usually obtained from natural essential oils, and they are used to treat various conditions.


Chiropractic is one of the most popular forms of alternative medicine. It is used in the treatment of pain and especially back pain. The chiropractic care is done by a chiropractor who is a trained medical professional. Chiropractors are usually required to go to college so you can be sure that a qualified person does the therapy.


Ayurveda is a form of alternative medicine that has its origin in India. It is a combination of the use of herbs and massage in the treatment of various diseases and illness. The use of herbs and massage is used in eliminating the bad energy that is usually responsible for causing sickness.



Reflexology is done in beauty therapy, but it still has a lot of benefits in the medical world. Reflexology is done by a reflexologist who has experience in applying pressure in areas like feet, arms, and neck to help the body in releasing bad energy.

6 Tips On Natural Management Of Arthritis Pain

Pain from Arthritis can be distracting and frustrating. It can disrupt individual’s daily work and quality of life. However, Natural management of arthritis pain is possible. In fact, there are some few simple things that one can do so as to alleviate the pain which comes with the diseases.

Tips on Natural management of arthritis pain

In case one has been diagnosed with Arthritis and he or she is looking for relief from the pain then here are some important tips to deal with discomfort and pain

1. Lose weight.

iogwit4t34wfw3fw34For the overweight and obese individuals, extra weights put more strain on the joints. With this, pain may worsen, and Arthritis may worsen as well. If possible, one should lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

2. Women to avoid high heels.

Walking or standing on high heel puts a strain on the knees and joints. This may worsen the pain; there is need of wearing comfortable footwear’s in case one has Arthritis. This is going to protect joints from damages and will help one find relief to the disease.

3. Practice breathing and relaxation techniques.

An individual can do some meditation and other techniques which can help in relaxation despite discomfort and pain. With meditation, one should learn the right way of meditating so as to get best results.

4. Have enough rest and sleep.

This is going to help one get energized and manage Arthritis pain in a better way. With enough sleep as well as rest, one can reduce pain and swelling in the joints which are symptoms of Arthritis.

5. Have a good laugh.

Read some funny books and watch some funny movies. You can as well learn new interest and skills for as long as it does not worsen joint pains. This is going to help in diverting attention from the pain one is going through. It is the power of the mind which helps in finding the best relief for the pain. In fact, some little help from the subconscious will help one manage the pain better.

6. Physical therapy

With this, you can get attached to a professional physical therapist who can help you with this. What one should ensure is that the therapist is a licensed and a qualified professional.

Aside from the above six simple tips on Natural management of arthritis pain, one can as well find some self-help courses and some audio materials which can help in managing the pain. Planning personal activities can as well help an individual check out on things which can worsen the pain. One should find easy ways of doing his or her usual task and avoid lifting heavy materials.

Ways To Effectively Meditate – People Ignore The Third Tip

Meditation is one way with which you can stimulate your mind and stay relaxed. However, meditation is not a light exercise which anyone can practice without some knowledge. If you want to engage in meditation, there are tricks that you are required to know for you to do it the right way. Sometimes learners tend to view the act of silencing one’s mind very challenging but with regular practice it becomes something normal for them. One of the primary things that meditation requires is the ability to concentrate.

Guidelines on how to meditate correctly.

1. Focus on Breathing

Keeping a focus on your breathing is a sure way to take you into a meditation mode. It will help you stay relaxed, but you need to ensure that you don’t focus too much on your breathing such that you won’t enjoy the relaxation part.

2. Stillness

It is impossible to meditate when you are moving here and about. Correct meditation requires you to sit in a quiet position where you won’t be distracted. When you manage to stay still consistently, it won’t be a big task for you to let your mind free.

3. Ignore your Thoughts

Good mediation does not necessarily mean that you need to get rid of your thoughts completely. The ultimate master of the practice is to learn how to ignore your thoughts or anything that is around you. This state keeps you in a position where you don’t respond to your thoughts regardless of whether they are pleasant or unpleasant.

4. Awareness

Normally, when someone is engaged in meditation correctly, their awareness increases remarkably in that they can hear sounds from afar that anyone on their normal activities cannot hear. Ensure that your awareness level doesn’t constrict you but it makes you super alert and at ease too. When you attain this sharpened awareness, you will find that you will be unusually awake than anyone else around you while staying fully relaxed.

5. Stay Relaxed

iioge4igf43t43fge4t43Sometimes while trying to keep your focus on the aspects of meditation, you may get carried away and lose your relaxation which is quite important in meditation. When practicing meditation, don’t forget to ensure that you are 100% relaxed even as you keep alert.

Well, we are all different, and the way we meditate narrows down to being something personal. However, the guidelines given here are the bottom line of correct meditation, and you can be assured that if you engage them in meditating you will enjoy every bit of your sessions.